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Name:Ian Weston
Birthdate:Feb 8

Ian Weston is the younger brother of NYADA Junior Brody Weston. Growing up in small town Montana, Ian and Brody were very close, though Brody was three and a half years Ian's senior. Their parents were extremely loving and supportive of their boys, both of whom loved music and performing. However, while Brody was made for the spotlight, Ian was more of a background guy. He learned early on to sing harmony, loving the ability that it gave him to perform with a group, but not be the center of attention.

It was toward the end of middle school that Ian began to notice that he didn't take an interest in girls like Brody had at his age. For a while, his parents assumed he was just a late bloomer. After all, he always tended to take things just a bit more slowly than Brody, with the exception of his schoolwork, where Ian was a straight A student. But by the time he'd hit his sophomore year of high school, he'd developed his very first crush... on a guy.

Unfortunately, the guy, a soccer player named Will, was very much not feeling the same way toward Ian. And while Ian was shy, and tended to keep his feelings to himself, a friend that Ian had trusted with the information turned out not to be quite as good a friend as he'd thought. Will found out about Ian's crush, and in a freak out, not knowing what to do with having a guy crush on him, shared the information with his friends on the soccer team. Within days, it was all over the school that Ian was gay, and then with the rumors came intense teasing. While he wasn't a victim of physical violence, there were threats, and a lot of hurtful words along the way. Brody, who'd just started his second year at NYADA, was concerned for his brother's safety, when he couldn't be there at school to protect him, and his parents very much shared his concerns. After some research, on both the part of his parents and his very protective older brother, it was decided that Ian would transfer for the second semester of his sophomore year to Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio.

Dalton was a welcoming place, and Ian happily joined the Warblers, slotting contentedly into the world of uniforms and singing backup to the likes of Sebastian Smyth. He was thrilled to find a place where he felt entirely safe, and wasn't the only openly gay kid around. But while Sebastian was usually the gay Warbler whose charms could land him any guy he wanted, it was another Warbler that caught Ian's eye. But as of yet, he still hasn't quite let that cat out of the bag.

[Disclaimer: Ian Weston is a muse in the Glee fandom. Muse and mun not affiliated with Glee or with Daniel Radcliffe. No profit made. Just fun and randomness. Character background and writings are property of the writer.]
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